First aid is an important topic – not just at work, but in our private lives too. That’s why we decided to organise a first aid course for the entire workforce, not just our in-house First Aiders. 

On 1 December 2022, the Workers’ Samaritan Federation ASB Oberhausen / Duisburg held a one-day training course here on site. As well as situations from the world of work, case studies from everyday life were discussed and responses practised in order to be prepared, should an emergency arise. 

To enhance safety on our premises, we have also purchased a fully automatic defibrillator. This can significantly increase the chances of survival in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Our device is easy to operate even for the inexperienced and is generally used in combination with cardiac massage, which was also practised in detail in the first aid course. 

Our verdict following the course: first aid simply cannot be repeated too often! Which is why we’ll be holding more courses in the future to build confidence and make sure we stay up to date.