dissol GmbH produces ozone-free and ozone-generating lamps emitting UV-C light with wavelengths of 185 nm and 254 nm and covering the power range from 10 to 1000 W. The length, diameter, contacting and geometry of our lamp types can be easily adapted to suit various requirements.

We’d be delighted to advise you personally and work with you on developing individual solutions tailored to your project.


Our ozone-free lamps mainly generate UV light with a wavelength of 254 nm.

These lamps are used for:

  • disinfecting drinking water and wastewater
  • disinfecting air and exhaust air
  • disinfecting surfaces
  • destroying residual ozone


In addition to the 254 nm wavelength, the ozone-generating lamps also emit what is termed VUV light (vacuum UV) at a wavelength of 185 nm. This short-wave, very high-energy light is able to generate ozone from oxygen.

Lamps of this kind are used for:

  • treating exhaust air from kitchens (reducing odours, breaking down fats and oils)
  • disinfecting surfaces
  • reducing total organic carbon (TOC) in ultra-pure water
  • UV wet oxidation (Advanced Oxidation Process – AOP)