About us

We produce high quality UVC low-pressure lamps for various applications.

Decades of experience

The dissol GmbH, an independent medium-sized company, manufactures and develops UVC low-pressure emitters and systems for various applications and manufacturers. Innovation paired with some decades of experience of its employees and management ensure the highest quality products and services.

Cutting-edge technology

Highest quality standards and first-class components and production processes guarantee our customers products that leave nothing in terms of their reliability, performance and durability desired. When realizing we fall back on the latest development and metrology.

Customized systems

The flexibility to comply with individual customer requirements in a short time frame stands in the foreground in dissol GmbH. This makes it possible for us to develop customized and optimized systems and designs.


Technical details and areas around the DISSOL GmbH lamp technology.

Disinfection with UV light

Natural as the sunlight

UV-C emitter in use

With dissol GmbH lamp technology

Parts and Services

Maintenance and supply


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